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get_browser_language() returning nothing sometimes


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I've been trying to access the admin/index.php page on my server, but when I do, the get_browser_language(), which should return "english" from the environmental variables, returns nothing....most of the time. Right now (for testing purposes), my admin/index page is actally just a copy of my application_top page, since this is where the function call takes place. The only difference is that I'm echoing out the language returned. The page can be found at:


When you load the page in IE6, the language "english" shows up. However, when you load it in Firefox (or if you refresh the IE6 browser), the errors appear. If you don't see the word "english" the first time you try the link, try it again. I guarantee you will see "english" at least once.


This is so strange. I don't know if this matters, but the server the site is currently is on is a Windows server, and the server development took place on was a Linux server. Would this criteria make a difference? I had nothing to do with the development, and did not choose the server now (I'm only doing the installation). If not, any ideas what is going on here?




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I would try to change (admin/includes/application_top.php):




      // $lng->get_browser_language();


disabling the browserlanguage detection, it's quite useless for the admin anyway (for most users)

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