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The e-commerce.

how to upload my product database?


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I've managed to install everything (php, mysql, phpmyadmin, apache etc) and am sucessfully running oscommerce with the demo products that it comes with.


Now I want to install my product database (1800 products).


I have the database in phpmyadmin, and have even spliced it into the products database. But the thing is that there are so many damn products databases (Ie. products_options/notifications/attributes and so on) and I really don't need all the things they have to offer.


But whether I need them or not, I suppose I still have to use them, and I have a hunch that it is because I haven't used them that the advanced search page returns nothing (just the pink error "At least one of the fields in the search form must be entered"). All I need is a facility for members of my buyers group to place orders (no fancy things like tax or shipping calculations, member history, favorite products etc etc).


Do I really have to modify all these databases? (and enter all my products into all of them?) Or is there a way for oscommerce to simply take orders from one database (namely the one called "products") and forget the rest?


I would prefer a simple piece of software that simply has one products database, but seeing as I haven't found one on the internet, I am guessing that my next best method is to "prune" down oscommerce.


Any ideas would be much appreciated!


(by the way, I do not need any of the checkout functions of oscommerce as all oder processing will be done offline, all I need is to have a record of what each member ordered for me to look at)

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