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The e-commerce.

Admin page appears blank after install


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After an install on Solaris 9 and 10 (I tried both), the install went fine but the admin page appeared blank. I'm not a software guru by any means but found an error in the logs and commented the line in the file which was causing the error.


Can anyone shed any light on this. Will this will have any effect or what may be affected? The page loads without errors after I added the comments.


Any help much appreciated


From apache logs...


[client] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot re-assign $this in /opt/xampp/htdocs/
store_main/admin/includes/classes/upload.php on line 31





 $Id: upload.php,v 2004/03/04 23:39:49 ccwjr Exp $

 osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

 Copyright (c) 2003 osCommerce

 Released under the GNU General Public License

 class upload {
   var $file, $filename, $destination, $permissions, $extensions, $tmp_filename
, $message_location;

   function upload($file = '', $destination = '', $permissions = '777', $extens
ions = '') {


     if (tep_not_null($this->file) && tep_not_null($this->destination)) {

       if ( ($this->parse() == true) && ($this->save() == true) ) {
         return true;
       } else {
// self destruct
      //   $this = null; *********** This line commented out **********

         return false;

   function parse() {
     global $messageStack;

     if (isset($_FILES[$this->file])) {
       $file = array('name' => $_FILES[$this->file]['name'],
                     'type' => $_FILES[$this->file]['type'],
                     'size' => $_FILES[$this->file]['size'],
                     'tmp_name' => $_FILES[$this->file]['tmp_name']);
     } elseif (isset($GLOBALS['HTTP_POST_FILES'][$this->file])) {
       global $HTTP_POST_FILES;

       $file = array('name' => $HTTP_POST_FILES[$this->file]['name'],
                     'type' => $HTTP_POST_FILES[$this->file]['type'],
                     'size' => $HTTP_POST_FILES[$this->file]['size'],
                     'tmp_name' => $HTTP_POST_FILES[$this->file]['tmp_name']);
     } else {

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php5 is not compatible with osCommerce MS2.2, you need to comment out line 31.

the upload.php you do not have to change.

try this part and see what you get.

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