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n00b need help on index.php


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My ISP now supported OSC so I decided to give it a try.


Everything setup fine and the demo site is up and running. I even able to get UltraPic Mod installed with no issue.


I go ahead and follw the instruction to edit the text in the main page by changing the define statment in "[path to catalog]/includes/languages/english/index.php". But somehow it doesn't work. No matter what I did the store still show the old text.


Do I need to recompile the store after the change? Or am I editing the wrong file?


Thanks in advance

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No compiles are necessary with PHP.


Either you are editing the wrong index.php file, (there are quite a few index.php files in different folders) or perhaps you may need to clear and refresh your browser cache. Normally you don't have to worry about clearing cache.


Also don't use the osCommerce File Manger Editor, it has a bug that can cause errors. Edit locally then ftp back to your site.




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