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HELP! Site down for no apparent reason!!!


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My site has gone down a couple of days ago, saying that there was problems with the table SESSIONS.


I did not update the website for several weeks so I am a bit perplexed at what happened.


I have called the webhosting company, they said there were no problems with their MySQL servers.


Unfortunately my MySQL control panel does not seem to offer any repair feaure. I have read posts similar to my situation and decided to DROP (delete) the SESSIONS table.


My question is this: How do I recreate the SESSIONS table? I am referring to the table structures. Is there any other way to fix it up? I hope I do not have to rebuild the website from scratch because I do not have a backup of it.


Any suggestions and tips would help. Thanks a lot for reading and helping!!!

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Ouch... for the most part don't ever delete a table again.

You can always restore a backup... you perform backups right?

If you don't have a backup try the following using phpmyadmin:

CREATE TABLE sessions (
 sesskey varchar(32) NOT NULL,
 expiry int(11) unsigned NOT NULL,
 value text NOT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY (sesskey)


Do me a favor and backup your database first.



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