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Backup not working?


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HI! I'm getting a parse error so I just decided I need to start over with the last backup. I've made several backups but haven't restored any yet. So, I clicked on restore through Admin. and it said the database was successfully restored. However when I go to the catalog I'm still getting the same parse error. Doesn't it restore EVERYTHING back to the way it was or is it just backing up a certain part of the data? I would really like to just get it to the point it was 2 days ago so I don't have to fix this code AGAIN! Plus, I need to know how to get the backup to work correctly.

Thank you!


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The backup that you do through Admin only backs up the database, not any of the other files. To back them up you need to use an ftp program and back them up to your local drive.


If you need help fixing your parse error, just post the error and the code for the page it is on and people will be more than happy to help you resolve it.


Best wishes for a speedy solution.



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