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The e-commerce.

A simple request for feedback


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Hello :)


As the topic-title says, this is merely a request for some feedback, i need critisism to improve things, get new ideas, new angles on how to improve the store etc.

Don't be afraid to take ut the big guns though, i've been out on a winter-night before B)


The webshop has been live since october or so, undergoing changes and updates constantly, as i've learned by now that it can always get better.


I've tried my best to rewrite all of the html, to make it xhtml 1.0 and css compliant, and get the look that we're after, but i've come to a point where i can not see past my own code any longer, hence my humble request for a pair of fresh eyes and some constructive critisism :)


Unfortenately the only languge is norwegian, as we're targeting the nordic marked only, but i guess a webshop is a webshop, wether it's in english or latin for that sake.


The shop sells adult clothing and toys, just to mention it for anybody not wanting to open such sites. Might be NSFW for some. :-"







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One thing i have thought of taking use of recently, as we get a lot of inquiries by email, is some of the "live help" conribs.


I'm wondering if anyone out there, reading this thread is using any of those, and getting people to actually use them? I mean, it's nice and all theoretically, but then again useless if people for any reason don't use it :huh:

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The site does look good, the design is in tune with the product range, nice navigation, visible contact info in header.....



All in all, very nice.... B)

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The Site looks good with the exception of a few things.


The site in general is a bit dark, the black text on the dark gray makes it hard to read.


The Information in the header is very difficult to see as is the photo of the girl.


I like topless women as much as the next guy, but I would hazard to think your not selling topless women? If you are selling topless women I'll take the one sixth from the top. :P


I assume your selling wigs, so maybe give a little more info on the pics. :thumbsup:

My Favorite Quote from a movie.


Question: How do you know women sooo well?


Answer: I think of a man, then take away reason and accountability.

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Thanks a lot for the response people :) Without feedback and tips i would get nowhere.



I'm not quite sure what to say to that, "a mans wohoo" ? haha ok :huh:



Thank you for the kind words :D



Yeah you're right abou the jumping css-rollover. I'll get right on that, thank you for noticing :)



Thanks, i will agree with you on the whole "a bit too dark / hard to read" subject, i guess i could always try to find somewhat of a more "golden path" there B)


And what's with the questions about selling topless girls?? :lol: :lol:

Seriously though, - no.

But we do get a fair ammount of semi-nudity on the product-pictures we recieve from our manufacturers. As we currently have ~1000 ( x 3 ) product-pictures out, i have by no means time to "edit away boobs", haha :thumbsup:


Anyways though, i appreaciate your feedback.




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