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upgrading PR build to MS2


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I haven't yet exported the database structure for a comparison, but I have a site to uprade that's apparently a couple of months pre-MS1. The version of includes/application_top is 1.256, from 23 Nov 2002.


I *could* export the database to CSV, manually put it into something importable to MS1 (and then run the upgrade script) or MS2, but if anyone else has additional insight into this, I'd save me some time.


Has anyone upgraded from a pre-MS1 version to MS2 recently that would like to share their experiences?





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if it were me, i would export the customer data and the inventory into excel/access.

build another site with ms2 in a separate directory using a different database.

get it looking the way the client wants and working the way they want.

then back it up, twice.

then try merging the data in. once you have it merged in and working, then you can again do another backup of the old site, merge it in and then make the changes accordingly (move old site to another dir, new site COPIED to where old site was) and go from there.

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