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welcome email sent to customers


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lately, I have been getting emails from supposedly registered customers that they got a spam from me.. the welcome message which get sent automatically. At one occasion, the person said s/he wants to be removed from further contact list. And I replied basically saying, you won't receive any unsolicited emails and what you have received was just an welcome letter.. however if you meant to delete the customer account, i will do so immediately. Guess what. I just got a reply from the person that s/he is reporting me for spamming. I seriously didn't do that, and although I was gonna just delete the account, being afriad for the 'report' I didn't delete the account just yet, but changed the email address to something else. (just to make sure that s/he doesn't get anything from me even by mistake.)


So.. the queston is, how do I not send the automatic welcoming message to customers? Which file do I need to touch?


Does everyone get this kinda email from customers? I haven't even sent any newsletter and I cannot believe that someone reported me for spamming for something they registered! But being too scared, I just want to turn off the function and want make my site mute! :angry: If someone can help, please please share your wisdom on both how to turn that function off and how to handle this kinda situation. Thank you!

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I know what I'd say to her/him!!


Possibly someone using the wrong email (accidentily or deliberately?). I wouldn't worry about the spamming thing too much. You've taken the proper action and your email does say 'if you're recieved this in error etc..etc...'


I on the other hand i would have told her/him...something not so proper. the issue of whether it is someone using anothers email deliberately may be more of an issue but I can't think how that would benefit them.


Is this happening often though?

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