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The e-commerce.

moving to new host


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Everything was working fine...


I changed the database addresses in the /includes/configure.php and the /admin/includes/configure.php


next I loaded my database backup into my new database: go to my frontpage of my catalog and everything looks great all my products are there.


if I click on one of my categories however I get a "not found" page

also under this method I can't seem to log into my /admin section


next attempt...

have my host install osCommerse using those one button install features.

now I can access my /admin section I upload the database by putting a backup I had of it into the /backups folder and restoring to that point. Once again all items are in the database however same results as before.


I?m sure similar questions have been asked before and for that I'm sorry...I?ve been working on this for around 5days and any help would be appreciated.


if you would like to check this store its located at:



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It looks like you are using one of the SEO URL contribs. Don't they require the .htaccess file to be modified? Sometimes, ftp tools don't see the .htaccess file. Did you move that as well, and or, does it contain server specific info? Just a guess...



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