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WOL track_time variable


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I've got WOL 1.6 installed and working great. I'm having a small problem with the track_time variable. On my store I have the session duration set for 7200 seconds. I would like to track WOL for that same time period.


I set the track_time var to 7200, yet it seems as though WOL is removing the data after about 10 mins. Am I missing something or is there a problem with the WOL track time feature?


Thanks in advance,



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WOL removes items from the database in 2 places. 1) catalog/includes/functions/whos_online.php (~line 22 is 900 by default) and admin/whos_online.php (variable set near the top.)


You would need to change them both.


That's a long time. Have you looked at the Visitor Stats contrib? WOL is more of a current snapshot then a history.



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Hi Ed,


Thanks for your efforts on this contribution, it a very useful tool!


You are probably right that the 7200 second time frame is too long, but I want to have a snapshot that is a bit longer that the 900 second default. I will set all to 1800 and give that a try.


Im also running using the user tracking contribution to look at user sessions and user paths in greater detail. It is a good analysis tool, but I tend to use your WOL mod more fequently for a quick peek at what is going on customer-wise on my site.


Keep up the good work and thanks for your help!!


-Tom Steele

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