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Quick SQL Query Question


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Hey I am trying to get the max id from a table. I know the query works as I tried it in phpmyadmin and got the right answer but I dont know how to get the result from the query. here is the code

$sql = "select MAX(ethogram_id) as count from " . TABLE_ETHOGRAMS;
$max = tep_db_query($sql);
echo 'Max: ' . $max . '<br />';
echo 'Max: ' . $max['count'] . '<br />';


The first echo prints out Resource id#11 the second echo doesn't print out anything. What is the current syntax to get the result count from the query?



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$sql = "select MAX(ethogram_id) as C from " . TABLE_ETHOGRAMS;

$max = tep_db_query($sql);

if ($r=tep_db_fetch_array($max)) echo 'Max: ' . $r['C'] . '<br />';



It's not good style to use SQL reserved words like "count" as aliases in queries.

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