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Installing PWA, can't find code


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I am following the instructions for installing v0.71 of the PWA, and it now asks me to do this:

"OPEN AND MAKE CHANGES IN THIS FILE: /catalog/create_account.php


(v0.71) CODE

if ($check_email['total'] > 0) {

$error = true;

$messageStack->add('create_account', ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ERROR_EXISTS);




to this:

CODE if ... "


But I don't have that text in the /catalog/create_account.php file. Does this mean that v0.71 is only an upgrade, and I need to install an earlier version first? If not, where do I put the inserted text? There are two other files it has similar instructions for, /admin/orders.php and /catalog/checkout_success.php.


This is my first time using osCommerce, and this is the first module I have tried to install. I chose v0.71 of the PWA because it seemed from the descriptions that the later versions don't have the option to login (but maybe I'm wrong). Would my problem be solved if I got a later version instead?


Thanks for your help!

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Does this mean that v0.71 is only an upgrade


No, this text should be in a clean install create_account.php

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