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Startpage should not be SSL after Login ....


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what do I have to do, that my Shop start page is not SSL secured after login as user ??


My problem is, that I have a banner only on my NONSSL secured start page. In case of this url based image of the banner I get a security message from my browser, because the image is not SSL based and I can only upload the image to my server and build it in via tep_image.


But I don?t want to save the image on my server, because it will be maybe changed by the banner owner.


So, why is the start page SSL secured after login ??


Normally my start page is never SSL secured.


I have configured my shop for SSL use only in SSL related areas like "my account" or so.


What can I do, that my start page is NONSSL, when the log in is finished ??


When I click on start page links in the shop, everything is fine and my start page is then NONSSL like I want, but not directly after log in.


Sorry for my english and best regards



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