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Need checkout_success.php files

Lori Bee

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I'm new to the whole web site thing and am not much of a programmer. Although my husband has been programming for many years, he has been overloaded with homework from his college computer class assignment lately and has been unable to help me yet.


I recently bought my domain name and a hosting package. With the package came osCommerce for the shopping cart. It was 'simply turned on' for me. I didn't have to download anything.


Well, while personalizing the eStore portion of my website and trying to modify a promised delivery time from "3-5 business days" to "2-3 weeks", I must have edited another line of code without realizing it, because I'm now getting an error on Line 20. It was suggested to me that I re-download osCommerce and just pull the right page and replace the one(s) I have edited. Since I didn't download it the first time and I don't have a server here, I'm finding it a bit frustrating to download it just to get a fresh copy of the two checkout_success.php files (one in catalog and one in includes/languages/English.


Is it possible that someone can send/post/email me ([email protected]) those two files? I would be forever grateful and would hopefully still have some hair left on my head. :thumbsup:


Thanks, in advance, for any help!


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Dear John. :)


THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! :D I have been to that page many times throughout the day today. I made such a rookie mistake. When deciding which version to download, I went to my website to see which format the server is. It's Linux, so I was choosing the Linux version. BUT I'm not loading it on a server, I was trying to download it onto our Windows computer. DUH!!!


Not sure why my brain suddenly clicked...maybe because I wasn't sure I was going to the right place for my situation and when you gave me the link and said GO!!, I figured it must be right. Who knows!! We're at 87% and I'm assuming it will great when it all makes it to my computer and I can get those pages/fixed replaced tomorrow...making a copy of them, before I edit and upload them to my site.


Thank you again so much!!! :D

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by using WINRAR, it doesnt matter whether you use the linux version or windows version, they are the same, just the way they are extractd.

also, if you host has FANTASTICO you can choose to install osCommerce from there (make sure you choose a different directory) and then you have a generic site. just use that for development, when it all works, copy the changed to where you need them.

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