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Setting up USPS Calc as shipping option


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Hello all,

I've been so busy working on the products and pics, that I almost forgot to set this part of the site up, I have also drawn a blank when it comes to setting this up too since I think I changed mine about a million times.

I have registered with USPS and received the password and ID, so I go into Admin and plug in the correct info. I go back into the site to my test order and it says :


This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order.

United States Postal Service

An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations.

If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.



Am I doing this totally wrong? I have a feeling that I am, but for the life of me I can't remember this part!!! (it sucks getting older :'( ). Anybody willing to start me off with the right steps if I've done it wrong or tell me what the error means or where to find the meaning?

These 2 hrs of sleep a night are draining my brain cells faster then ANY blonde haircolor I could EVER use!!! :blink:


Thanks in advance!


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ok, after I posted...I kept reading and low and behold it wasn't me after all :D ! I had set it to test, BUT after I made the call, as your email will tell you to do. They moved me to production and so I went back into Admin and changed from test to production and all seems to work great! At least as far as USPS is concerned....now I just have to make sure all the weights are plugged in correctly and in LBS not Ounces!


I just love it when I figure something out without posting a million times :blush:


Thanks all,


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I hope the community that reads this finds it amusing instead of irritating (grin) I also figured it out myself--I just had to use advanced search on this forum to find the relevant messages. Be sure the zip code of your store is set, and call USPS to change to the production server -- the test one does not work with OSCommerce, at least with the stock USPS module.


I'm building a new cart for our company, since the makers of our old one went out of business. OsCommerce is absolutely superb, and the support here is tremendous. I even installed a contribution this morning, and it works perfectly (quantity discounts). Not bad for a non-programmer -- all iI know how to do is modify other people's code.








Aaaargh! What did you do to fix it? Or what did you read to figure it out? I'm having exactly the same problem, any help appreciated. UPS is working fine, USPS is not. DANBOB

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I hope you'll forgive me for ressurecting this thread. I'm having this same problem and I wanted clarification on how to proceed.


If I'm understanding this correctly, I should not use the USPS test server, but rather their production server in test mode on OSCommerce? And for this, I'll need to call and tell them that my testing is complete, when really it isn't.


Do I have that right?

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