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Email issue


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Hi all,


Received our first purchase, and got paypal notification but nothing from the website, anyone know where to look for this.


Its enabled in admin so I know its not that.

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Very common issue with Paypal. Got me on my first day up! Your customer completed the sale but didn't come back to your site (most like to look at their Paypal account as long as they're in there). Paypal never sent the trans details back to your OSC since that happens when they click back. So, there's a full cart in your customer's name on your site and a customer who has paid and wants delivery.

Here's what I did and suggest you do: On your Paypal account, enable auto-return. This will drop them back into your store by default after 5 second. There's also some message that comes up with a link to do it faster if they want. This has proved to be all I needed to get them back. I haven't had a single lost Paypal since. They know they are supposed to return with that message and the link. It isn't guaranteed, but it seems to work well enough.

You could also look at the Contribution that grabs their cart and makes it an order before they leave your store and go to Paypal. I've heard it works, but it isn't really a fix, just a workaround.

Now, about the customer you have waiting. In my case, I installed Master Password, logged into their account and completed the sale as a check/moneyorder purchase. I notified them of the issue, told them their payment went through just fine and that the products would ship. They were cool with that and there was no harm done. If you don't want to install the Master Password, just e-mail them and ask them to complete the order etc etc. I think they'll like it better if you clean up the mess, though.

Good Luck!

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