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The e-commerce.

how do I fix this error message?


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1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-20, 20' at line 1


select geo_zone_id, geo_zone_name, geo_zone_description, last_modified, date_added from geo_zones order by geo_zone_name limit -20, 20





I get the above error messages in a few options in the oscommerce adim. the one this was takin from was the taxzone option, I need to add NC to the tax zone but have no options avail, this error showed up after i deleted the florida dir in it, like I said there are a few diff places with this error message, it seems to me that If there is no info for it to "look up" i get this message. not sure tho im no programmes. So anyone know how to fix/edit whatever to fix this?

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edit /includes/classes/split_page_results.php


$this->sql_query .= " limit " . $offset . ", " . $this->number_of_rows_per_page;

(line about 66)

insert before it

if($offset <0 ) $offset = 0;


the same in admin//includes/classes/split_page_results.php

do the same, but this time it's line about 38




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