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PHP5- Stuck on install step 2


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ALL, I am confused, I have read all the threads on this and its seems to be that everyone suggests commenting out line 31 in the upload PHP file to get by this step.


First, I did that and it didn't change anything. The page just keeps refeshing.


Second, I traced the code, and it doesn't seem that page (upload.php) has anything to do with that install step, unless I am missing something


Third, I also see thread on the db setup but I would think at this step in the install it doesn't matter because all those var. are blank until you get to the next page of the install. I have edited the config files first to see if this makes a differrence , but it doesn't



This is becoming frustrating, shouldn't be that hard to work this. I jsut installed on my local 4.X PHP and had no problem, so obviously a PHP version issue.


I am a pretty savy coder, so any direction would be great


Any new enlightenments...???

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You could skip the install by filling in the needed values in both configure.php files (using the configure files on your local machine as an example if you like) and import the sql using phpMyAdmin.

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As you are going to be transferring to a php5 production server you need to check which version of Zend Optimiser goes with which version of php5. Sometimes hosting companies upgrade php without upgrading Zend Optimiser and then all sorts of database problems occur.



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