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multiple stores on single hosting account


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Hello Everyone,


Just a quick question, if anyone has done this.


I have a webhosting account where I can have a primary domain name and then 4 addon domain names. I have a cpanel control where I set up addon domains and paths for the domain


primary domain is setup like this



addon domains





I have a store installed on the primary domain and it works fine. Things I did was to copy the catlog at the root of the primary domain and the path to store is like this




Now what I am trying to do is run the store for the addon domains. Any ideas how to run 3-4 store on the same webhosting account. I do have permission to create mysql databases.


Any ideas are welcome on this.



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You don't even need add-on domains to install multiple stores - you just need a separate database for each one, and install each store in a unique directory (obviously) - you will need to tweak the configure.php files for each one.


Actually, you don't even need a separate database for each if you name the tables differently for each store, but that's another story...


I hope you have a dedicated server, cos running multiple stores on a shared server is gonna bite if they get any amount of traffic.

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Its on the shared server at the moment, I have two business that I would like to take online.


So what you mean is copy the catalog folder for the second store in its default web path and do the installation as normal. I would create a new database as would like to keep them separate. do u see any other conflicts coming while doing this

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