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The e-commerce.

Reverting back to the origianl install


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I did a install of oscommerce week ago. Its 2.2 milestone. Everything went well with the install. I have trying lot of things on it as there is so much you can do. I did install few conributions.


But I made one mistake when I installed HTML are WYSIWIG contribution and it did not get installed fully.


Now Would like to know if there is anyway of reverting back to the original state. I took backups of the database only after making mistake. Silly me.


Help on this will be appreciated.


I would like to go back to origianl state( at the time of install) of the store and do the configuration again.



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you can install easypopulate and then download the products that way. i would create another store, then use easypopulate to put the data there and make sure it is right.

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But I am not sure if I can create another store at the same location for the same domain. I am new to oscommerce.


I am not worried about product data though. All I want to achieve is go back to clean install, only changes I would like to retail is probably stylesheet.css.


Whats the quickest way to do it.


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as long as you have disk space, ability to create additional databases, then you can do a new install.

if you are not worried about the data, then delete everything in the catalog directory, then reupload the original code, and run the install. just make sure you keep the database username, password, etc.

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