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Purchase Order 1.41----Help!


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Purchase Order Number fails to show up in order sheet and invoice. But it does show up in account history. The codes added in admin\orders.php and invoice.php are:


<td class="main"><b><?php echo ENTRY_PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER; ?></b></td>

<td class="main"><?php echo $order->info['purchase_order_number']; ?></td>


Please help :blink:

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There are a number of issues with the Purchase Order module 1.4.1, when used with osCommerce 2.2ms2.


First of all, if you are installing this module on a live site, it is vital that you follow the instructions in reverse order:


1) Make the database changes first, otherwise your site will fall over.

2) Then perform the page changes.

3) Then add the new pages and perform the install in the admin payment module control centre.


Secondly, you will need some coding experience to be able to do the page changes. Simply cutting and pasting is not enough. You need to be able to recognise constructs such as if-then-else as some of the changes span parts of these blocks. Some also amend array initialisers.


Thirdly, the instructions advise to optionally add a default to the database column. This is to allow the site to default to customers not being able to pay by this method until one approves them within the admin panel. Be warned, the default will only affect newcustomers! If you wish to prevent all your existing registered users from being able to pay by purchase order (until you approve them), you will also need to run a subsequent SQL update to set all those customers to false.


Fourthly, the module will not work with 2.2ms2 unless you finish writing the code for the po class. The before_process() method has not been coded which results in the PO number entered by the customer being lost between the order confirmation and order success pages.


After a lot of rewriting, we have completed a fully working integration of this module for a site we are building for one of our eCommerce clients.


If you need further guidance, please email me for details.

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