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Minimum quantity by Category?


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I have searched the contributions and haven't found anything that deals with this specific problem...


We have an osc site that has 2 categories of products... Ice Cream and Gift Baskets...


The gift baskets can be ordered in any quantity.


The ice cream... due to shipping methods etc. Has to be ordered in a minimum quantity of 2 half gallon containers. The problem is that we want them to be able to mix and match flavors, so assigning a minimum quantity to the product won't help.


What [we think] we need is a way to assign a minimum quantity order amount by category, instead of individual product. So that any combination of ice cream products can be ordered but must be at least 2.


Any suggestions / contributions / help is despartely needed and would be greatly appreciated.



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Is it possible to sell the gallons as a ?two gallon product??

Then in the options:

Option field 1 = flavor 1

Option field 2 = flavor 2

Without charges for either option.


Or you may try



The author claims:

?Family Products is a module that allows a shop owner to create "families" of products to

Display in there shop.?


:thumbsup: wazu

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Thanks for the reply.


The only problem with doing the 2 gallon product is that they want to have a unique picture and description for each flavor of icecream... talking about the ingredients in each flavor etc. and there isn't a way to have that listed with each option.


The Family Products seems like a logical way to go, however we would still need a way to set the minimum amount to be purchased by family instead of category, unless I missed someplace that it already has that capability.


Any other suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.



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