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Hi all,


How do you find your current page rank and  search engine saturation. I have seen people referring to these in specific numbers, but I have no idea how to find them.



The web is full of sites with tools to do this. For PR, you can install the google toolbar in your browser and it checks it automatically. If you go to each SE page and look in the advanced search options, they will explain how to find the link saturation. For example, in google type in allinurl:www.sitename.com.



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I coded a useful spider simulator tool that allows for selectable user agent (currently Google, Chemo's Spider, or Firefox). Originally, it was a 10 minute code job that put to rest the debate as to whether the Ultimate SEO URLs contribution was causing Google (and other spiders) to cache osCsid's. So, select Google and there should be no osCsid's if the store is configured correctly. Switch the Chemo's Spider to test if the spiders.txt file has been updated. If it has osCsid's then the spiders.txt file is old and should be upgraded. Of course, selecting Firefox smulates a regular customer and should have osCsid's.


The spider will output lots of useful information about the request and compressed page data. The interesting part that you might find useful is that each URL displays the associated Google PageRank value.


I never planned on developing it further as a free tool but have received some positive feedback on a few SEO Forums (seo-guy.com for example). Hence, if enough people use it and find it useful I'll develop it further.



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PR shows up as the little green bar if you have installed the google Tool Bar. It is a measure of how "important" google thinks of your website. It used to be that the pages with high PR values are more likely to be displayed higher in Google's SERP.. but nowadays, PR is more like an indication of how often google comes to spider your webpage.

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Maybe an stupid question, after which amount of time you can check your page ranking? I have been live approx. 1,5 month, but my page rank is 0 and future page ranking is also 0. I have seo urls installed and headertags. No links on my website yet, because I'm not really sure how to approach that, because how I understand it site's with bad ranking bring you down also, and how my site has 0 ranking I don't think people are jumping to link with me.


But i'm happy :D to say my site is in the search engines from yahoo,msn and google, but... I expect on place # 10.000 :(

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