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open for business: alaskakreations

running wolf

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Okay, here goes...


You've made a good start in trying to get away from the stock osC look, but your store needs some finessing. Here are a few of my comments:


Ditch the charging moose. It makes the site look unprofessional. You've got nice products -- don't degrade them with cheesy graphics.


Your logo doesn't go with the color scheme on your page. Actually, it looks like not much thought has been given to the logo at all. Your corporate identity is an important business aspect. If you don't have the graphics expertise to design an appropriate logo, it would be worth spending a few dollars to have someone do it for you.


Even though I'm not fond of static backgrounds on scrolling pages, I love your background image. It's light enough to be unobtrusive, but visible enough to make me want to come and visit. :)


In your Log Cabin Furniture section, there's a broken image icon where the Display Stand picture should be. (Thumbnail picture, that is.)


The stock osC button images don't go too well with your color scheme. Well, I guess the color is okay, but since the images aren't transparent GIFs, you can see the white border around them. I'd suggest making new buttons that would work better with your site.


Speaking of color scheme, the maroon color for box headers really doesn't match the pale blue background.


Looks like the two of you are talented artisans. Best of luck with your store!





Terry Kluytmans


Contribs Installed: Purchase Without Account (PWA); Big Images, Product Availability, Description in Product Listing, Graphical Infobox, Header Tags Controller, Login Box, Option Type Feature, plus many layout changes & other mods of my own, like:


Add order total to checkout_shipment

Add order total to checkout_payment

Add radio buttons at checkout_shipping (for backorder options, etc.)

Duplicate Table Rate Shipping Module

Better Product Review Flow


* If at first you don't succeed, find out if there's a prize for the loser. *

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