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Postcode error when editing customer


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I had posted to a thread that was already started with a similar issue but have had no luck with an answer so I am trying a fresh thread.


If I login into the admin and select a customer to update and add a discount which we do have the contribution customer_discount installed and it seems to be working ok but when updating the customer record from within the admin the 0 (zero) in the zipcode is getting removed. Just the first 0 in a zipcode such as ours in Rhode Island which might be 02920 gets entered into the database as 2920 which is affecting the ups shipping price. The version of oscommerce seems to be 2.2-cvs and the individual files all have different version numbers. I have gone over every bit of code within the customers.php, database.php, general.php and any other I may have thought might have something to do with writing the customer data to the db and have not found anything that would seem to be stripping the 0's. Someone in another thread mentioned he thought somewhere it was using an (int)$postcode but I can not find (int) anywhere in any of the files.


When the user registers or even updates his or her account the zipcode does not loose the 0's but I can't even figure out what might be different in the user update account pages verses the admin update account pages.


I realize the fact that it is an old version may be part of the problem but the site is highly customized and I would hate to have to rebuild it for just this simple issue.


I would really appreatiate any help someone might be able to provide.


Thanks in advance...

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