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The e-commerce.

ERROR message: Table 'encyshop.configuration' does


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Hello all.


My webhost made his own installscript for osCOmmerce. You have to give up a directory to install osCommerce, normally this is just catalog, but since I want it in the root of my domain, I give up nothing. So it installs, and then when I go to my domain to view it, i get all these crappy php warnings that files are not found, images don't work etc.


So I tried installing it myself, first clearing out the database and ftp, so it's clean, then uploading the dutch translation files and uploading the package (skipping all existing files), just in the root, and then run the installer.


OK, so I make sure the information I enter is correct, I walk through the installation progress, and then on step 7, I get the error:

A test connection made to the database was NOT successful.

The error message returned is:

Table 'encyshop.configuration' doesn't exist

Please click on the Back button below to review your database server settings.

If you require help with your database server settings, please consult your hosting company.


I am 100% sure the host, database, user and password are correct, I asked my hosting provider but he didn't know, and tha's why I'm asking you.


Please help me?

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I just thought... Is the sample data required when installing osCommerce? It may be that that table is in there or something?

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Does this mean you have not insert the oscommerce.sql in the database? (or populated the database) Your database is empty? (totally empty I mean)


You could always try running oscommerce.swl in phpmyadmin

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