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Date of Birth Format


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Don't bother - remove it altogether unless there's a very good reason why you need it (unlikely).


Don't quiet understand what u mean, I need to change the date is because, people over our country get use to dd/mmm/yy in the login page, it will be difficult and not user friendly if they keep receiving error when they want to filling up the login.

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For credit purposes!



Eh? If you mean credit cards, the credit card companies are quite capable of checking that I'm old enough to have a credit card.


If you mean for gifts (eg) on birthdays, I still think it's a silly idea, but your choice...

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Its is all here:


Changing the date format., Change to english dd/mm/yy on invoice



I use DoB for various reasons, not least, ID verification. Being UK based, it is commercially beneficial to have the date input in local format.


I agree that this is totally aesthetic, but important, nonetheless.


The fix, above, is simple and works.


Maybe localisation could be broadened to include date input formats.

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