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Product Attributes


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I'm new to osCommerce. I'm computer literate, but not programming literate.


Here's my story...


I have a webstore that sells clothing. I have a jacket in 5 different colors and in 10 different sizes. I will run out of a particular size in a particular color instead of vice versa so right now I am setting the product as "Jacket Black", "Jacket Brown", "Jacket Green", etc. and then setting each color with their respective sizes.


Here's my problem. If I run out of a size in a color, I have to either take the entire color out of stock or search for the size in the product attributes and remove the size so it doesnt appear in the drop down. (The reason why I am doing it this way instead of having two drop downs, size and color, is that I dont take out the size for the whole line of jackets.


Also, if this isnt possible without adding a module(s), how do I add a module to test it before I implement it? I did see somewhere where this problem was aimilar, but I didnt understand the answer. Also, is there an easier way of adding product attributes without going thru admin/catalog/product attributes? I would start adding "small, med,large, xl..." but most of the time i'll get interupted and add size twice and there will be two of the same sizes in the dropdown.


Thanks in Advance!


Bottom line... I want to be able to take a certain size/color out of stock without going thru drop-down hell...

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