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The e-commerce.

stability for high traffic sites


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I have a med-high volume site which handles between 100 - 300 transactions a day with a user base of around 140000 customers and monthly bandwidth usage of up to 150GB in peak season.


We are evaluating oscommerce as a replacement for an aging ASP/MsSQL based solution.


Can anyone provide stats or first hand experience of using OsCommerce on a site of this scale?


examples, urls, problems found... All this will help me do the sale.


Currently we already use oscommerce for an affiliated lower volume site and the owners want to merge the databases to cut down on development costs and admin time. Their main concern is that no one is using oscommerce for a site with similar or more volume.


Thanks in advance.

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I have webmastered for 2 sites that averaged 800-1000 uniques per hour and ~350-400 transactions daily. I have built a custom site that pulls in $175K monthly in transactions (about $150-200 average ticket).


The problems you're going to face are with the orders table and certain parts of the site. For example, the also_purchased module on the product info page is a killer...you'll have to optimize, cache, or replace it with a X-Sell module.


As a base of reference, the above sites all used a 2.4 Ghz CPU, 1-1.5Gb RAM, 100 Mbs connect, 1Gbs Uplink (Cogent/AT&T pipe), CentOS (RHEL) Linux, MySQL Max. Each easily handles the volume and has a comfortable amount of reserve overhead to sustain operations or deal with peak traffic.


osCommerce is a robust application and works out of the box for small to medium volume operations. However, minor modifications are needed for high volume sites but is very much possible.



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Thanks for this info.


What problems did you face with the orders table? Did you have to split it up? We have found it's easiest to have a recent orders table with a yearly archive for orders older than 90 days...


Do you have any problems with queries to the order table timing out and causing orders to be dropped?



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