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Email question:


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Hi all,


Is there something that can be done to speed up the delivery of emails through osc? I've done several test emails from the osc system to another email account and they all arrived but, nearly six hours later. :-"


Also noticed that if I send out several emails over an hour's time they all arrive at the same time (one after the one). Kind of like they are being stored somewhere to be delivered. I only experience this through osc, all my emails work fine otherwise.


Any suggestions?

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I would think that has something to do with your host provider not osC.

I have to agree, that it is probably your hosts problem not osC.

Send yourself an e:mail from a none hosted e:mail account to a hosted e:mail and see how long it takes to recieve it the other way.

Like a customer would if they replied to a shop e:mail. It probably won't prove too much, but would give you more info to fire at your host.

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I send out emails on a regular basis through my web hosting account and they are delivered within seconds. That's why this has me puzzled. My web host uses an Apache server running UNIX, which surely compatible. Could it be some screwed up coding in the email.php file?


Thanks for the help.


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If you are in Canada and using Sympatico that might explain it. They managed to totally destroy their email system at the end of last week. Some email was 30 hours behind. At this point I have still no idea what was lost and what may still arrive.

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Id almost definately say it was your host, all it takes is a few emails in your hosts email server que and it will be delayed, usually everyone on the shared server shares the same email server.


Speak to them and report it and see what they have to say.

I dont think its anything to do with your osc shop.

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