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Proposal Request System


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Does a contribution or paid project exist that would enable customers to collect products into a "cart" and instead of checking out submit them for a proposal request?


It would be cool if the request was stored, then edited (special prices, notes, etc.) within the system by the store owner.

Sam M. - Seattle

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It would be like an "email for price"?  I think there is something like that around.


Yes, but a bit more involved.

I'm look at the Wishlist system contributions because they run along side the shopping cart. I just don't know how to get a wish list system to do what I need it to do.

When a customer puts the items in the "Proposal Request"/wish list, I'd like some way to submit those items for a price quote. Ideally there would be a method for sales people to log into that wish list and set the prices within the system.


I already have Custom Pricing Per Customer installed.

Sam M. - Seattle

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What you need to do is modify the wish list so that when it item is added an email is sent to your sales person.


You need to add details to the wishlist table that can hold your quote details and develop an Admin program that allows a Sales person to enter the details and then I guess an email would be sent to the customer saying the quote had been prepared. They could then look at the item in their wishlist.


I guess then of they wanted to buy it you need a process that moves it to their shopping cart.


All the components are there in osCommerce to help you, you just need to know how to update databases and actually program. If you are not a programmer then I suggest you engage someone to do this for you as it will be much cheaper time wise. If you want to PM me about how to do that you are welcome.

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