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Changing the "look" of osCommerce


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I would like to make osCommerce match my current site. I read somewhere that it was easy to make these changes, but I didnt see anything in the control panel. Am I looking in the correct place or is it more involved than that? The website address is http://www.starfleet-command.com/main.php. I would like to make the store look as closely as possible to the main site.


Thank you in advance.


Kim Huff

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Most of the design changes are handled in the following files:







Color/border/font changes can be made to the stylesheet:




Check the 'Documentation' link at the top of the forum pages, and also look in the 'Tips and Tricks' forum. There's a post there that was started by (I think) toyicebear that includes a lot of the initial tips.





Terry Kluytmans


Contribs Installed: Purchase Without Account (PWA); Big Images, Product Availability, Description in Product Listing, Graphical Infobox, Header Tags Controller, Login Box, Option Type Feature, plus many layout changes & other mods of my own, like:


Add order total to checkout_shipment

Add order total to checkout_payment

Add radio buttons at checkout_shipping (for backorder options, etc.)

Duplicate Table Rate Shipping Module

Better Product Review Flow


* If at first you don't succeed, find out if there's a prize for the loser. *

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Hi Kim-


The thing that helped me the most once I was starting out was this contribution. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2565.


It is just a text document decribing what a new store owner/webmaster should do to start making their osCommerce installation the way they want it to look.


I feel that I should explain what a Contribution is. A contribution is normally a programming tweak that a store owner has done to make osCommerce work better for them, then that store owner documents what they did and shares that information with everyone that has osCommerce.


The Contributions are normally zip files with instructions on how to install them. Many times there are version changes to a contribution. I think you should look though and only install things you feel comfortable with. Maybe until you're comfortable with the programming thing, you should wait until you think the bugs have been worked out of a contribution before you use them.


The link that I gave you is a zip file, but once you open it you'll see it's just a text file that explains some of the basic osCommerce set up features. It really is a big help. I still find myself looking through it.


This forum is a wonderful place to get information on tweaking your store. Check out what other people have asked. You'll probably find your question has already been asked and answered. Search through the contributions for the things that will make you website wonderful.


Before you make programming changes, back up what you already have in case of mistakes. Which really means keep a copy of the files in osCommerce on your computer's hard drive or on a CDrom.


If you are installing a contribution, see if you can tell what the store owner is doing to the code, this will help you learn what osCommerce is all about.


Good luck.



If I'm giving advice, it is based on what path I would take to fix your problem. My path may be wrong.

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