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Not getting notified of orders


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I have set up my store and run 3 tests, purchasing products by money order, credit card and by paypal.


As a customer, the entire transaction is seamless, including reciept of an email from the store owner acknowledging my order. My account was charged (at least via paypal).


As a store owner, I have not recieved any notification of the orders. Shouldn't they come as an email to the email I set up in the store configuration panel for store owner?


If not, how does it work?


Please help!



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I'm also not getting my notification emails or reciepts.

I'm on a *nix server, I have oscommerce set to sendmail, the path to sendmail looks fine, and i have the sendto adress entered, but i sent three test orders through and still nothing. I even tried changing the email address to one outside my domain (hotmail) just in case that was messing it up at all.

Anyone have any ideas?


thanks in advance,


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What code is that, exactly? which php file would I mod?




Go to your website, add /admin to the url, if you've password protected the admin folder (you really, really, Really NEED TO!!!), enter your password. In the main menu there will be a customers/orders section, click on orders, and it will show you the orders you've recieved so far, with options to edit, invoice, etc.. In Configuration --> my store, there is a place to enter send extra emails to, click here, press the edit button, and enter any email addresses that you'd like to get order details sent to.



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