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How do i redirect purchase to another website ?


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I have secured a deal to sell another sites products, the base idea is that someone would visit my site see a product for sale (Which i am reselling from the other site)


They would then click on it to see information etc on my site, if they then click add to cart or buy now then it would redirect to a branded page on the other site (Non OsCommerce) and the order process would be carried out on the other site with me being credited commision for the sale.



this has been suggested by the developer of the other site:-


> You could replace the checkout button to redirect to our site but then

> if they'd added one of your products to their cart too that would be a problem.

> To avoid that I suppose it'd be better to move to a co-branded product

> page when you click to view the product, would that be ok?


> That way you'd just have to do a redirect in product_info.php to a

> page for that product on our site. You could do this based on the

> category of the product - so if the product in the 'cuddly toys'

> category then redirect, otherwise execute the normal code.


> If you're ok with that option I can set up specific co-branded product

> pages for the product you want to sell. Once they added to cart

> they'd continue on to our checkout process.


Any ideas and problems with implementing this solution ?

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what they suggested could work, however how are you going to track further purchases if the customer goes back? you would be better off selling from your site then purchase from your 'vendor'

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Have you thought about shipping? What if they order a product from you , and a product from the other site, you need to charge shipping twice then. Aside from that, if it were me, I'd prefer to keep the whole transaction on my own site. Add the other products to your site, and inform him of when there's an order.



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