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The e-commerce.

Old Site, new system


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We just (hopefully) completed our conversion from our old Yahoo store to using OSC and could use some input.


So please, no test orders.

I am aware of the stock OSc graphics. I'm no programmer, designer, or graphic artist, so this is taking me a while.

Our owner is handling inventory, and with 9000+ items, it's taking her a while to get everything sorted and categorized.

I could use some input as to how we stand right now and any suggestions for improvement.

Thank folks.


Phoenix Traders

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Well, to start with, the font seems really big and seems to take up a large portion of the front middle page.


The top bar seems blurry, and rather empty, and wastes space.


The load times were a little slow, but not bad overall.


The margins on everything seem like they're set to zero, and the way everything bunches against the borders makes it hard to read. You could help alleviate that by changing the font, increasing the cellspacing/cellpadding in your tables, and possibly setting the main table for the site to a fixed width (or try not using 100% width). Try setting the width to 780 or so (so it still displays correct for 800x600), but doesn't spread out so much.


The colors are okay, but it's a very dark theme. You might try adding something a little brighter in there, or adjusting the maroon shade a little lighter.


Anyhow, hope your site does well.



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Thanks for the input.

Due to some other software I use, I am constrained to either using 1024 all the time or having to switch back and forth constantly, so I occasionally forget to check that out.

Made some minor changes so I hope things work better now.

Once again, thanks for the input.

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