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Multiple category boxes


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Hi All,


I've posted this request several times at the osc forum with no response. What I'm looking for is something like the "Multiple "Mini-Stores" with One Central Admin v1.0" without being as complicated. We sell jewelry as the main business, but are a gallery type store that also sells high end hand blown glass and sculpture-art.


What I would like is another box equivalent to the main "jewelry" caregory box with the products other than jewelry in them-accessed from the same admin, pulling from the same db. Essentialy another categories box.


Currently there is no place for these products, and I don't want them to appear under the "jewelry" heading.


Is this hard to do? Are there existing contributions I may have missed? I have read every title of every contribution-but not every description....

Quidquid latine dictum sit, profundum viditur.

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Ok this is the 3rd time this post is being resurrected from the dead, but here we goes again. I personally could not find the solution after sifting thru pages and pages of futile searches. Very surprised no one answered this.


I'd like to add two dropdown categories to the homepage (or all pages for that matter).

- Teams

- Car Manufacturers


In admin I only see an option for one dropdown - Manufacturers. Is there a contribution to add another?



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