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Menu Over Mod

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Menu Over Mod


Sounds very promising a button that highlights when you go over menu items instead of just the text links. Only problem is it does not work. I've installed and uninstalled it 3 times to not avail.


Has anyone been able to make this contribution work?

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Menu Over Mod


Has anyone been able to make this contribution work?

Not 100% yet.


I'm using the Great Categories contribution, and Menu Over Mod works fine with Firefox only, not IE ... if you click anyplace except the text link then only the triangle icon is displayed using IE.


Anyone know the fix for what I'll refer to as the "ie_sux" bug :-" ?




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  • 2 weeks later...

Works fine for me. I have installed it on all my sites (10+). Are you using the latest 2.2 MS2 version of OSC? Did you change your code by hand, or simply copy over your existing files with those included? The files included came from 2.2 MS2 so if you are not running the latest and simply copied over with the included files THAT would be your problem. What SPECIFICALLY does not work for you. These details will help us help you. Kataklysmik has written 2 GREAT mods so far, and both work great for me under 2.2 MS2. He doesn't say that it is specific to that release in this mod, but I know for a fact that is the version his included files came from. When you post if you will include details AND the authors name it will help them find your posts so THEY can help you directly. Hope some of this was helpful.

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Thanks for your reply!


I'm using the latest 2.2 MS2 version with the Great Categories mod that adds a small triange icon left of each text link for categories. The exact bug (IE only) is when you click inside the table cell, but away from the text link, only the small triangle icon image opens in a new window, not the page link.


Weird .. works perfectly w/ Firefox.




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I have installed the menu over mod and think it is great! Thank you Kataklysmik.

I am a complete newb at php but this was so easy to install.


The only problem I have is I can't apply it to the best sellers box, it squashes the whole page up and makes the best sellers box look like it is double boxed plus when you 'mouse over', the box underneath is highlighted.


BTW I have now taken best sellers box off but have the "Most Popular" mod installed (which I understand is practically the same as best sellers box) and wish to use this one.


Any suggestions?



If at first you don't succeed, GIVE UP!!!!!!

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  • 2 years later...

Do smobody know how to make top categories opened in Great Categories contribution?

I mean, I'd like to see my main top categories opened if they've got subcategories!

Thanks a lot for all our community members. It's amazing that we are together and we have opportunity to help each oher.

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