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Estimated Shipping Costs

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Help Please!


I have Estimated Shipping Cost installed on my site. It was working fine until I made some changes in admin panel, now it does not work unless the customer is logged in to their account.


I am receiving the message

No Rates Returned, F05A : Recipient country requires a postal code served by FedEx


If the customer is logged into the account if works fine. The changes I made in the admin panel were to the Admin > Configuration > Sessions > I made changes to "Recreate Session" and "Prevent Spider Sessions". I do not remember what the original settings were because I have changed them several times trying to get it working. They are now both set at true, but it doesn't seem to matter what I change them to it doesn't work unless customer is logged in.


I do not have the contribution in a pop-up window, it is on the "shopping_cart.php" page


You can see the site live at www dot junglefenderflares dot com

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Is there a way to make this work with Region Based Rates?



I can get it to work if I put United States in a zone, but it fails to work otherwise.


I would like to know how I would go about implementing a second drop box to let them choose a state instead of a country, or even a state appropriate for the selected country.


Seems to be a very great contribution so far. :)



Is anyone still working with this contribution? It's the best of its kind, but I wonder if it can work with the regions module to show state rates. It works fine for countries, but I also need it to work for states in my country (Brasil). Can anyone shed a light on how to acomplish that?


TIA for any input :)


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Hi all,

I'm not sure how to fix this issue. If a customer just clicks on an item in the shop, the estimate automatically shows up at

the bottom of the screen, instead of when they add it to their cart. I would just like the estimate to show up if they add the item to their cart instead of every time when they look at a product. Has anyone else experienced this?? Other then that it works great!



I appreciate all the help that everyone on this site has given me!

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Is support for this contrib dead? I have an issue like some others that haven't been answered....this mod works perfect when logged in but it does not show any methods for usps when it is just a guest which is when I want it to work.

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Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /html/catalog/includes/functions/database.php on line 103


I am getting this error if a customer is not logged in. But when they are logged on it's not there. Any help?

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I have this contribution installed: Estimated Shipping Cost


It works great in every page except for one: "ec_shipping.php" which is called at "Checkout" time.

This is the error message: Fatal error: "Cannot redeclare class httpClient in /usr/home/dennisra/public_html/includes/classes/http_client.php on line 37"


I believe the solution is NOT to include Estimated Shipping in the right hand column when requesting Checkout. The shipping cost information is redundant at that point anyway. The problem is I don't know how to do that. I know this can be accomplished because the Estimated Shipping box is excluded from the "My Account" page. Can anyone show me how to exclude the Estimated Shipping Cost box from the checkout page?


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I searched the forums and tried other versions of the contribution, and I could not find an answer to this problem. I see other people have asked the question, but their were no responses. I am running Estimated Shipping Costs v1.7b. Only works when I log in to my oscommerce account to get a shipping quote. The whole purpose of installing this add-on was to allow customers to see a shipping quote before they have to create an account.

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I am also using 1.7b and the box doesnt appear as an infobox and only appears on the shopping cart page as a link to the estimate.


what i do want is the link on the product info page as i have added the weight of the product on there and a link to 'estimate shipping' the trouble is i now need it to estimate the shipping based on the weight on the product info page without having to add the item to th cat first as this can get long winded and tedious for the customer. (demo on www.funhousedropship.com)


thanks in advance for any help.

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Does anyone know how to make Fedex show Home Delivery Rates instead of Ground rates as default using the Residential/Commercial addon for Fedex realtime qoutes and Estimated Shipping when the customer is not logged in?


It works fine when the customer is logged in, but when the customer is not logged in, it shows only the ground rate for fedex. I would rather start with a higher rate, or at least show both rates.


Thanks for any help.


Best Regards,



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I hope some can help.. I have this installed.. and it works but it only show up the prioirty shipping.. and I would like to have the first class show up also... any ideas.. I use the usps method shipping


and i use the Estimated Shipping module with UPS/USPS

thank you

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Does anyone know how to make the Estimated Shipping module work with oscommerce version 2.3.1


it says in the instructions....


6) FIND the following in catalog/shopping_cart.php:


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css">




<script language="javascript"><!--

function popupWindow(url) {





Note: The width and height in the above code can be changed to your liking.


7) FIND the following in catalog/shopping_cart.php:


new productListingBox($info_box_contents);

?> </td>





<!-- BEGIN estimated shipping -->

<tr><td align=right cellpadding="2" height=2 colspan="2" class="smallText"><?php echo '<a href="javascript:popupWindow(\'' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_POPUP_SHIPPING) . '\')">' . '<img src="images/icons/shipcost.gif" border="0"> ' . TEXT_SHIPPING_COST . '</a>'; ?></td></tr>

<!-- END estimated shipping -->



but thoes are not there anymore in catalog/shopping_cart.php


does anyone have updated instructions for this mod to work with 2.3.1 or know where to put thoes now.



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