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Can anyone double check my PayPal IPN install?


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Today I've had my first sale and my first problem. I've installed osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.1 on my site. When I was checking my admin/orders screen I noticed an order that I knew nothing about. I hadn't received any confirmation email. Then I checked my PayPal account and no payment had been made either.


This can obviously mean two things:


1) the customer placed the order, went through the entire process right up to the PayPal login screen and changed his mind there. The order would then be saved in admin/orders, but as no payment had been made, the order would not be emailed to me.


2) There is something fundamentally wrong with my installation of the PayPal IPN module.


Is somebody willing to double-check the PayPal IPN files to see whether it's the installation that is causing the problem, or whether I just had a customer who had a change-of-heart?




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I have managed to run a live test, with a dummy product, and everything is working as it should, so I know now this problem was not due to my installation. However, I'm just wondering whether something could be done about the order in which actions are taken.


When somebody goes to the checkout and follows all the screens right up until payment, nothing actually happens yet. The moment the customer clicks on the payment button and is transported to the PayPal web site, the order is registered in admin. If a customer at that stage changes his mind - like what happened to me today - then you have a bogus order in your admin.


All emails, both to the customer as to me as the store owner, won't be send until after the payment has been completed and the customer has returned to the shop web site, by pressing 'continue' in the PayPal screen.


It's probably better - or safer - if the order won't register in admin until the same time as the emails will be send out. Obviously, after a payment has been made the customer cannot change his mind anymore, so it's impossible to get any bogus orders in admin that way.


Is that an easy thing to fix and if so, how can it be done?


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The osC PayPal IPN module is designed to work this way to correct the non-ipn module's lack of saving order data until it was complete at payPal, which would result in no record of an attempted order if something went wrong at Paypal.


You just need to delete orders that are a few days old and have no couterpart at PayPal.


You might do better discussing this in the support topis:



Rik Rasmussen

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