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i have a problem with a phpbb theme... well its phpbb but im using it in nuke

i did a fresh install and downloaded a theme that i have used before on phpbb and i like it so i tryed it on my nuke db anyway i got 4 errors i fixed 3 of them the one i have left is a parse error it says

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /mnt/usr/home/esposito/public_html/nuke/header.php on line 41
right ok anywho im new to the actual scripting side of this and i think i am good enough around this kinda shit to figure most of it out but i had a problem with parses in c++ also i have scripted html, c, c# and c++, i think that is fairly impressve for my age of 13 anywho what do i do? here is the script
$header = 1;

function head() {}
   global $slogan, $sitename, $banners, $nukeurl, $Version_Num, $artpage, $topic, $hlpfile, $user, $hr, $theme, $cookie, $bgcolor1, $bgcolor2, $bgcolor3, $bgcolor4, $textcolor1, $textcolor2, $forumpage, $adminpage, $userpage, $pagetitle;
   $ThemeSel = get_theme();
   echo "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN\">\n";
   echo "<html>\n";
   echo "<head>\n";
   echo "<title>$sitename $pagetitle</title>\n";


 if (file_exists("themes/$ThemeSel/images/favicon.ico")) {
echo "<link REL=\"shortcut icon\" HREF=\"themes"
$ThemeSel/images/favicon.ico\" TYPE=\"image/x-icon\">\n";
$ThemeSel/images/favicon.ico\" TYPE=\"image/x-icon\">\n";

   echo "<LINK REL=\"StyleSheet\" HREF=\"themes/$ThemeSel/style/style.css\" TYPE=\"text/css\">\n\n\n";
   echo "\n\n\n</head>\n\n";

global $home;
if ($home == 1) {


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