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Serious osC future and now issue?


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Today I downloaded and installed EasyPHP on my local machine to mod up and upload products into a store. I wanted to do this as #1 - it's easier than relying on a connection that at times can be bogged down and #2 - it's not live so experimentation doesnt affect SE crawls , or customer views.


So I do all of this and immediately run into a problem with register_globals. I guess the new versions of PHP have this by default turned off which clashes with osc.


I can't remember all the problems I had specifically but I will try to list most of them.


-Initially I could not reach my homepage to start the installation. I kept receiving and error and after some research found that Vger posted a contribution resolving the fixed globals issue located here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2957


-Next - when removing all of my manufacturers, I received an error after I removed the last manufacturer and could not add any more manufacturers - you just end up at an error page...this has something to do with PHP compatibility issues. And to resolve this, go here and read this thread: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=143908


Next - I wanted to get Easy Populate working because I have many many products I want to import from a rather large spreadsheet(s). I tried downloading both version (the old one and latest version and the newest post named something else with the errors corrected).

I finally got it at least running, but it wasn't downloading the files. It would just flicker the screen when you clicked on DOWNLOAD TXT. So I searched and searched around and found this: (read all the way toward the bottom for the fix - another global_register issue - look for the easypopulate.php fix): http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=135448&hl=


Ok - so I finally get everything downloaded and spent a good bit of time trying to understand the easiest way to get my data from my spreadsheet to upload. I still dont understand how I am going to get images from my spreadsheet up there and if I have to rip all of them out and save them on my server with filenames I might as well hand enter all of this.

So anyway - I go to upload to see if some of the experiments I was working wiht imported before assuming it worked (good thing) and NO it did not. I could NOT get this to work what so ever. I even tried this suggested fix that took me forever ot find located here: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=108825&hl=

All I get is errors when I got into easypopulate now.

So I removed that last fix...went into php admin and turned register globals ON.



SO either way there is a huge issue brewing here. If we turn globals on (which many hosts will not allow) all the text in the php admin area go on and on about how bad it is and what a security risk it is to leave this on, but if we turn it off we have seemingly countless incompatibilities with OSC.


What to do then? Thankfully my host runs an earlier version of php where this isnt aproblem on my current store, or maybe that version of OSC (ms2) doesnt have issues.


What is the best way around this? I'm kinda surprised this hasn't become a bigger issue on these forums and is rather sparse. I've found SEVERAL threads with people complaining about the same issues and there are no responses. Both regarding Easy Populate and general setup of OSC that sounds familiar to these issues.


So is this a PHP compatibility issue? When hosts switch over, are these forums going to be flooded with HELPS!!!!!!!



I'm hoping I can work with Easy Populate but after about 10 hours on and off fiddling with just getting a store setup and easy populate setup and running (which should have taken less than 1 hour) - I've pretty much had it. So hopefully my information will clarify some errors people have been having and how to temporarily work around it..although like I said this is obviously not permanent solutions and I still have no proven that there arent other issues although I did finally get easy P to respond to an upload of a very small listing.



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MS3 is supposed to take care of the register globals issue. MS2 requires register_globals. easy enough to work with either way. just takes time and patience.

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I tried all the suggested patches, and handmade patches through al of the issues and still never got Easy Populate to work without the register_globals. I wonder what is going to happen to old stores...are they going to be forced to upgrade once server hosts upgrade their software?

Also any eta on ms3 that you know of? I dont even know where to find that info.



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