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The e-commerce.

URGENT: need help plz


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ive just moved my shopping cart to a new server and ive restored my database and uploaded all my prod images in the correct directories.


some of them arent showing up but some are?


does any1 have a solution for this?


My Webpage





Hi JD,


You may want to actually check if this images exist where they are supposed to.


I was looking at this product: http://www.mytravelemporium.com/shop/catal...products_id=574


And it's image (called SPCAMSIL.gif) was supposed to be in http://www.mytravelemporium.com/shop/catalog/images but it simply wasn't there.


Check to see maybe you put it another directoy, if not check you filenames maybe?


Don't know what else to suggest, sorry.

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Just a shot in the dark, but did you move from a Windows server to a Unix/Linux server? Windows isn't case sensitive but Unix/Linux is. If the image file is called SPCAMSIL.gif in the database but is called Spcamsil.gif (or any other variation of upper/lower case letters) on the server, Windows will display it but Unix/Linux won't.



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