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frontend questions


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I just started using osCommerce for my store, and I have a few front-end questions, mainly because I'm still familiarizing myself with the software.


First, I was wondering how I change the name of the category boxes that are displayed on the various pages. Instead of having a box for "Manufacturers" displayed, with a drop down list of manufacturers, I'd like to keep the same box but instead have the word "Publishers" displayed, since I don't really ?manufacture? software. The same for the "Manufacturer Info" box that appears when you select a product, as well as the manufacturer search on the ?advanced search? page. I?m not really looking at how to make a new box, since I like how you can add manufacturers in the admin panel. I?d just like the customer to see ?Publisher, Publisher Info, search by publisher,? etc.


The second problem I'm having is that we distribute our software in downloadable form. That means that when you go to the checkout, the initial screen regarding delivery information and billing addresses isn't needed. I was thinking about redirecting the checkout around this page, but I noticed that the timeline graphic at the bottom of the page wasn't just one picture, so I thought I'd ask in here before I started tinkering with things too much. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



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This Might help you out for most of your OSC questions:




As for the second part of your question look through the posts, or do a search. there have been alot of people that do software downloads here for their websites.


It should just be a matter of redirecting them to a download page that you create after the sale has been completed.



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