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The e-commerce.

Payment Module will not work... (klik & pay)


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Hallo to all of you,


I want to use for my clients the paymentsystem klik & pay (www.klikandpay.com).


Of the officially website of OsCommerce (under contributions) are one module for it:



This module I uploaded to my web account and than I install it to make the first test order.


If I am at "Payment Information" I take "Kik & Pay" and click on "continue" and on the next site (at "Confirmation") the are a fatale error.


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_country_iso() in /var/www/web529/html/oscommerce-test/catalog/includes/modules/payment/klikandpay.php on line 45


I hope someone can help me out of this terrible problem (alone I don't know further). :'(


As nr. in the module configuration you can use the existing one, with this nr it's the same problem (so the problem can't be the wrong nr.).


I use the newst version from OsCommerce and from "Klick & Pay" module (on OsCommerce.com).

Mayby you know were I can download another "klik & pay" module witch goes quit well!!!?



Many many THX for helping me.

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There are a error in line 45:

tep_draw_hidden_field('PAYS', tep_get_country_iso($customer_values['entry_country_id'])) .


I have written in line 45 now this lines:

tep_draw_hidden_field('PAYS', $customer_values['entry_country_id']) .


With this new line (45) there aren't errors in oscommerce, but in klikandpay.com there are now one:


We didn't work on the order, because of...

You haven't say us your Land (Norm ISO3611)...

Thank you, click on the Link to go back to the TEST site"


What can I make, to run it!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Here is what I did...


Replace line 45 by:

tep_draw_hidden_field('PAYS', $country_iso) .


Add this after line 36:


$country_iso = tep_get_countries_with_iso_codes($customer_values['entry_country_id']);
$country_iso = $country_iso['countries_iso_code_2'];


Hope this will help you.


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  • 7 months later...
Thank you very much, I'll test it.


Greetings from Germany.


At first I wish a happy new year. Do you use Klik & Pay payment solution ? I have an e-shop and I use OsCommerce MS2 in french. I'm looking for a payment solution and I want to know if the Klik & Pay solution is good or if there are some problems.


Thanks for your answers.

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