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If i set up a redirect from my other site


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Hi All, good morning, good evening, wherever you are.


If i set up a redirect from my snooker site to my main leisurezone site. Will the snooker site still get spidered? or will the spider also get redirected to Leisurezone?


My reason for asking is i have set up a snooker site with the same snooker items found in leisurezone, i have changed the categories, descriptions and meta's etc so it is different. I am also using the SEO site map then reciprocal linking it to leisurezone. If anyone clicks on a listed ad in the search engines they will be redirected straight to the snooker section of Leisurezone.

Do you think this will work for SEO?? or will the redirect be seen as mirroring the leisurezone site?


Any help or advice appreciated.



A little knowledge is dangerous, I SHOULD KNOW.

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Any help on this appreciated





What is the thinking behind this redirect ?


It is difficult to say what the spiders will do because unless you work for google etc you are just guessing - and I don't believe in running my business on guesswork - I need certainty and the only things I am certain of are what I can control and do - so :D


I wouldn't worry about the spiders just get your own thinking clear about what and why you are doing things -


If you have set up 2 sites here is what I would be doing and thinking


1) I now have the beginnings of my own mini network - 2 sites.


2) As I cannot pre-empt either the market (i.e my customers and which site they will prefer) or the SE's - I will give both sites equal prominence.


3) I will create the necessary higher index and traffic generating site content, structured and persistent reciprocal linking programs with other similarly themed sites and SE submissions for BOTH sites.


4) I will also create reciprocal links between the 2 sites so bots AND visitors visiting one site can easily find their way to the other


5) Doing the above starts building my own small network and as the Internet is one big network - in time (and this is the key - it's all about time) mine will take its rightful place in the big network depending on how well I do 3 above.





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Thanks for the detailed reply Charles.

What you have pointed out is what i am intending/trying to do. I think i'll leave out the redirect then and stick to what i know as you say.


Thanks again :thumbsup:



A little knowledge is dangerous, I SHOULD KNOW.

If Life Begins At 40, What ends????

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