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The e-commerce.

Searchable "menu" with A, B, C, D, ....


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I really want this function in my store since I have nearly 2000 products in only 8 categories which make it a real pain to go to a specific product.


Lets say you want to search for a the action movie "Tuxedo" with Jackie Chan. You then have to go to the category "ACTION", then click through page after page(maybe 20 pages) to come to the titles starting with "T". Ofcourse you can search for tuxedo or even jump to perhaps page 18 and if you're lucky you're at least near the right page. But I think this functionality would make navigating the site a lot easier!!


The function I'm asking for Is found on this store:



On each category you can choose to "view by title".

I asked for the same question a year ago but no one seemed to know, but now I'm starting to see it in a few osCommerce stores so i guess the knowledge must be there somewhere...


Anyone care to let me in on the secret codes... :-"


Best Regards,


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Anyone? Please, I am really in need of this funcionality, anyone knows anything??


...oh it's so hard to sleep these days, knowing I don't know what code to use.... i'm going crazier by the minute, argh... :rolleyes:

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