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Invoice modification question


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I am fairly new to osCommerce, and recently started working for a company that uses it for their store. The question I have is about the administration invoice page, and getting the manufacturer of the prodect listed on the invoice page. We carry several products that carry the same product name, but made by diffrent companies, and since we use the invoice to package orders it makes it a multi step proccess to fill those errors.


So far I have fixed this by doing some manual database queries (3 seperate queries atm) and its a horrible hack atm that is only garunteed to work assuming the model and name are unique. At first i tried to user the Order class to try and get the product id, but was unable to find the information so i did this.


The question I have is there any better way to go about doing this? I decided when I have more time id try to get the Order class to provide the product id, and then do my queries more accuratly, and try to merge some queries together, but I figured there is a good chance im missing the obvious and decided to ask here first.

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