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The e-commerce.

forum backup and copy


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hello, i am looking for imformation on the os commerce setup.


the situation is a have 2 installs of the store



/shop2 (backup)


both the same version.



what i want to do is have them both identical to each other.

what i have done is copied the main store "/shop1" files over to the backup store dir "/shop2".


what has happend is is seems the back store now points to the main store database or files.


what i would like to know.

is what files are just there and what files serve a specific pupose

as in what will impact a mirror copy.



also i would like to know what is the best way to copy a database over of all my products from 1 store to the other. and what problems if any there might be.


is it reccomented to do any editing of the sql files.

i have tried to download my products list and edit it in excel (change prices, names ect) but i cant seem to get it right



thanks, everyones 2 cents will be very helpful



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You'll need to edit the configure.php for the catalog and the admin for the second store, otherwise it will keep referring to the first store. Also you need to make a duplicate database with a different name if you want seperate databases and different prices. Also if there are any href links in your site that point to other parts of the site, you'll need to edit these to avoid crossing over to the other site that way.


I'd say a good thing to do would be to change the background color on the second site, and go through it completely to make sure it always refers to itself.



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I'm not sure why you would want identical copes of the same site in different folders on the same domain - can't see any benefit from doing that.


However, as they are just in different folders on the same domain, and both are supposed to be identical then just use the same database for both sites - by far the easiest way to do it. All you have to do is to change the name of the database in the two configure.php files of the second site to match the name of the database for the first site.



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if you read my posts im looking to have to copies of the same store

not 2 copies of the same store


one is live and one is for backup and testing....


all i want t know is how to copy the database over every few weeks and have them run just about the same.


so if anyone knows how to make a stand alone mirror i would be really helfful


thanks again

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I'm not sure about vger, but 2 copies is the same as two copies to me!


Anyways, it depends, is the test store just to work out how to change the look and feel? Does it matter if the products are the same, or that changes on the test site to products shows up on the live site? If this is true, you'll need two different databases. If not you can hook up to the same database.


If you look at the bottom of your catalog/includes/configure.php there will a line like this:


define('DB_DATABASE', 'osCommerce');


this is what defines the database name that the store connects to.


There is another copy in the catalog/admin/includes/configure.php


You need to change both of these.



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what i mean is 2 stand alone copies, have 2 diff servers i want the same store of both, one live one a backup which only need to be updated whenever. both running thier own databases


what i have done so far is setup up another store on a diff server copied all the files from the live store over edtied the config file to point to the backup data base not the live one.


so what i have is 2 identical looking stores but each runing stand alone.


what i dont know is how to copy over the data bases and setting, and which files might have "live store" settgin it in


thanks again

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