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Swapping images instead of pop-up (Ultrapics 1.0)?


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I'm using ultrapics v.1.0 and it works fine, but I don't like pop-ups... So I have a question:

Does anyone know is it possible (or HOW it is possible) to swap the product image on click / on mouse over thumbnails?


My English is poor, so if you couldn't understand my question, you could check these stores, where this works:

Store 1

Store 2


I'd be happy if I could use do something like one of those. I can write some javascript so that's not the biggest problem. The thing I don't know, is how to get the preload script for those bigger pictures to the code of product pages (because I want images to show as soon the customer clicks the thumbnail). I can see that both those stores has preload scripts, so it is possible - but how, I don't know :huh: .


Has anyone done that?


I'd be very very happy, if anyone could give a hint or two.



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Has anyone done that?


I'd be very very happy, if anyone could give a hint or two.




Me too!


I am in the process of collecting contributions that will allow me to replace our eShox based site with osC and this is the one area that I can't replicate in osC. I could hard-code all the image-swaps, but it sure would be nice to have it all in the DB.



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